Braun, B121 Series

Braun, B121 Series

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systems, 25 November — 31 December, 2013
Walter Knoll London showroom, 42 Charterhouse Square EC1M 6EA
An exhibition curated by das programm. Produced in association with Braun.
Poster Series by Neubau (Gandl/Ganz). Designed in Germany.

Neubau’s poster series concept for the systems exhibition at Walter Knoll in London is broken down into the following themes: Form, Typography, Colour

Displayed here is the series ‘Form as System’:
Neubau’s “Braun 121” Series focuses on the shape of Braun products and presents them in its original size on DINA0.
The poster series include iconic Dieter Rams items like T 1000 (1963, 360×300mm), L 1 (1959, 430×720mm), LE 1 (1959, 830×760mm), T 3 (1958, 150×83mm), T 41 (1962, 150×82mm), TP 1 (1959, 153×234.5mm), CET 15 (1963, 200×110mm), HLD 4, (1970, 141×50mm), ET 66 control (1987, 78×138mm), ABR 21 signal radio (1978, 180×115mm) and KMM 2 aromatic (1969, 120×185mm).

Original poster format: DIN A0, 841×1189mm
Printing: Offset Print

Less But Braun Series
Less But Bigger Series

Year: 2013/10
Client: systems, das programm