Neubauism Installation

Neubauism Installation

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In 2008 Neubau’s work was presented for the first time as a solo exhibition in a museum. The exhibition was initiated by Angelique Spaninks, the director of the renown MU in Eindhoven (the Netherlands). Opening speech by Wim Crouwel who also wrote the introduction for the accompanying publication (see NBISM Premium Box).

Introduction: Angelique Spaninks (Director, MU)
Opening Speech: Wim Crouwel
Original footage with kind permission by Robert Andriessen

Neubauism Exhibition Catalogue

Year: 2008/09
Neubauism_Exhibition_0802 Neubauism_Exhibition_0805 Neubauism_Exhibition_0810 NBISM2 Neubauism_Exhibition_0808 Neubauism_Exhibition_0812 Neubauism_Exhibition_0803 Neubauism-Expo_MU Neubauism_Exhibition_0801 Neubauism_Exhibition_0804 Neubauism_Exhibition_0809