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DUTT-181 (Ltd Ed) + DUEP-181 Series (Clear Vinyl) Designed by Neubau, Berlin — Neubau’s design for Detroit Underground’s DU-181 Series is a reference to Stefan Gandl’s initial vinyl jacket design for the record label from 2004. The generic 12 inch cover is developed as an interpretation of a Detroit city map to topographically locate the label and put its audio releases on vinyl in context with its physical environment. While the 2004 edition was dominated by the colour blue, the 2008 edition saw the blue replaced by black ink. The DU-181 design developed in 2018 presents a refined vector map soley in black and white ink working as a visual metaphor for reduction and the label’s contrasting audio visual output. Gandl’s DU-181 cover design concept presents a daylyight version and a graphically inverted night version of Detroit’s map. The familiar A and B side is replaced by a D (Detroit) and U (Underground) side. As with Neubau’s previous cover designs for Detroit Underground, the DU-181 design will be used as a generic jacket for a total of 12 releases. An index of 12 map typical patterns and symbols printed on the cover represent a visual reference for each release. The collaboration between Detroit Undergound’s label founder Kero and Neubau comes full circle when map index symbols such as Roads, Buidlings, Railways, Rivers, Swamps etc. also define the conceptual theme for each track release. DU-181 Highways is the first release of the new series including a total of five tracks with titles such as Fisher, Davison, Lodge, Southfield and Chrysler refering to actual main arteries of the Motor City. DU-181 Highways is released on transparent vinyl, perfect to be played on the limited DUTT-181 turntable edition: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bx7cXBhibCf/ — Feel free to check out other available items from the DU-181 series such as the limited edition DUDK-181 deck available from DU and an exclusive DUA0-181 poster from Neubau: https://neubauladen.com/product/dua0-181-print/ https://neubauberlin.com/project/dua0-181-prints/ — #detroiutunderground #detund #uturn #detroit #recordplayer #screenprint #neubauberlin #stefangandl #nbakademie

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