NB Architekt™ Std & Neue Edition

NB Architekt™ Std & Neue Edition


Neues Bauen mit Neubau Architekt™ Std & Neue Edition
NB Architekt™ Std & NB Architekt™ Std Neue, 2018 Edition
Monospace (Note: Originally released as ‘NB 55MS’ (Regular) and ‘NB 45MS’ (Light) in 2002)

NB Architekt™ pays tribute to typefaces used on architectural construction plans during the ‘Letraset’ era. The typeface is a classic modern monoline monospace which was originally designed by Gandl in 2002 and named NB55MS™. A rounded version named NB55RMS™ was globally made available with Neubau’s ‘Neubau Welt Catalogue’ publication in 2005. An additional style – a light version named NB 45RMS  –  became popular with the release of Neubau’s “Neubau Modul Catalogue’ in 2007.

The 2018 Edition is available as a set of 6 typefaces/3 weights/2 versions (Classic & Neue) in OpenType format for Macintosh and Windows platforms.

Standard Version (2018)
NB Architekt™ Std Bold
NB Architekt™ Std Regular
NB Architekt™ Std Light
NB Architekt™ Std Neue Bold
NB Architekt™ Std Neue Regular
NB Architekt™ Std Neue Light

D: Stefan Gandl
Y: 2002/2018
P: Neubau, Berlin
2002/18 Copyright © Stefan Gandl
All rights reserved

Year: 2018/10
Client: NBL