NB Grotesk-R™ (OTF Std) E15

NB Grotesk-R™ (OTF Std) E15

NB Grotesk-R™ became an instant success after its initial release in 2008. The typeface was originally developed for the Neubauism exhibition taking place in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.NB Grotesk™ is a constructed monoline neo grotesk typeface which is based on Gandl’s rigid diamond grid system (named after its look). The experimental typeface’s concept is dominated by the fact that any optical corrections were forbidden which resulted in NB Grotesk’s raw characteristics and typical appearance. NB Grotesk™ together with NB Grotesk-R™ and NB Grotesk™ Mono is Neubau’s most expanded typeset including a total of 16 different styles. Despite its unorthodox and unconventional looks, NB Grotesk™ is still Neubau’s most popular typeface today.

NB Grotesk-R™ Std (OTF Standard Edition)
Open Type Features: (incl. 265 characters) +capital spacing, +tabular figures
Language support: 33+ latin based languages
Design: SG

Package contains 6 typefaces:
NB-Grotesk-R Std Ultra Light (35)
NB-Grotesk-R Std Light (45)
NB-Grotesk-R Std Regular (55)
NB-Grotesk-R Std Semibold (65)
NB-Grotesk-R Std Bold (75)
NB-Grotesk-R Std Black (85)

Available Formats
OTF: Open Type (Postscript flavoured)
TTF: Open Type (Truetype flavoured)NB Grotesk-R™ Std OTF Standard Edition


Year: 2008/10
Client: Neubauladen