NB Television™ Pro

NB Television™ Pro

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NB Television™ Pro pays tribute to popular typefaces of the ‘cathode ray tube’ era by translating the analogue ‘crt’ grid based softedged typesets to the digital age. With a focus on detail and reference to the ‘crt’ grid, each glyph was designed with pixel perfect precision. This results in a warm characteristic when used in small sizes versus a crisp, pixel dominated modern neo-grotesque when applied in large sizes that translates beautifully both in print and on screen.

NB Television™ Pro Edition comprises six typesets: Regular, 2D, 3D, Mono, Mono 2D and Mono 3D.

Typeface: NB Television™ Pro by Stefan Gandl
Year: 2020-22

Year: 2022/01
Client: abcneu