NB Typewriter™ Pro Prints

NB Typewriter™ Pro Prints

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A selection of promotional prints for Neubau’s NB Typewriter™ Pro typeface. NB Typewriter™ is based on the mono grid of NB Grotesk™ and was developed by Stefan Gandl in collaboration with Akane Sakai and Moritz Otten. The posters’ motifs are generated by an ASCII image converter transforming photos of Neubau’s studio inventory to text using NB Typewriter Pro™ (35–75 & 35R–75R).

Displayed here are prints of an IBM Electric Typewriter (Model XYD), Olympia International (Report De Luxe) and an Olivetti (Valentine) typewriter by Ettore Sottsass.

Size: (various) DINA4, DINA3, DINA1
Printing: Offset
Typeface: NB Typewriter™ Pro (35–75 & 35R—75R)
Design: SG


Year: 2012/07
Client: NBL