Neubau Akademie™ Study (MMXX)

Neubau Akademie™ Study (MMXX)


Neubau Akademie™, Study of a Grotesque Typeface in its Historical and Sociocultural Context by Dr. Gunnar Klack

On the occasion of Neubau’s Akademie™ Pro Edition release, the original 52 pages article written by Gunnar Klack, initially published in 2016, is reissued here for the first time in its entirety as a pdf download.

About the Author

Gunnar Klack, PhD, studied architecture at the Berlin University of Arts (UdK). He received his doctorate from the Technical University (TU) of Berlin. Doctoral dissertation on the works of architects Herrmann Fehling and Daniel Gogel. Freelance writer for Spex, Zeit-Online and Die Welt. Teaching assignments for Lexia Study Abroad and TU Berlin. Traineeship at Berlinische Galerie – Museum of Modern Art, Photography and Architecture. Research associate at the Chair for Heritage Conservation at the Institute of Urban and Regional Planning (ISR), TU Berlin.

Year: 2020/06
Client: NBL, abcneu