Nomen Nescio

Nomen Nescio

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Visual Identity for Helsinki based fashion design brand Nomen Nescio conceived and designed by Stefan Gandl in close collaboration with Erno Forsström and Timo Leskelä of Nomen Nescio, Helsinki. Nomen Nescio was founded by the design couple Niina and Timo Leskelä in 2012 with the aim to create timeless, thoughtful and long-lasting design. The company’s name, the latin term “nomen nescio” and its acronym “N.N.”, stands for “name unknown”.

The developed visual identity touches everything from clothing labels to storefront logo, business cards to posters, print to web design, static and motion design. Logo, logotype and care icon system conceived and designed by Stefan Gandl as integral element of the developed corporate typeset Nomen Nescio Pro Regular, a custom version of NB Akademie Pro.

The Nomen Nescio Manifesto
Nomen Nescio is a Helsinki based design studio focused on minimalist aesthetics and values. The collection is an evolving composition of seasonless gender neutral black clothing. Pieces have no external, internal or applied elements pointing any specific sex, age or status. It is about thoughtful design, highlighting the relevant to create effortless meaningful wardrobe. The collection is made of sustainable premium materials, manufactured with responsible producers in Europe. Nomen Nescio way of thinking starts and ends in the same place, in freedom, joy and peace.

The Nomen Nescio (N.N.) Logo
The concept for the logo design follows the paradigm of Nomen Nescio’s manifesto and minimalist design ethos approach. The new symbol is defined by four equal bars combined within an imaginary square. The logo is based on the construction elements of two mirrored and overlayed capital N-glyphs. Combined with the logotype, type set in the corporate font Nomen Nescio Pro Regular — a timeless sans serif typeface, the Nomen Nescio brand is based on one homogeneous stroke size. Ideal for best results when a logo needs to be resized.

Symbolism & Meanings
• “×” (cross-stitch) → oldest form of embroidery that can be found all over the world since the middle ages. Cross-stitch is a form of sewing and a popular form of counted-thread embroidery in which x-shaped stitches in a raster-like pattern are used to form a picture
• “×” (multiply symbol) → maximisation
• “x” (glyph) → represents a person while its name is unkown/or a secret
• “x” (glyph) → “indeterminate/unspecified” sex in passports available since 2012
• “x” (glyph) → placeholder
• “x” (glyph) → unknown quantity or a variable
• “∞” (infinite symbol) → endless possibilities

The Nomen Nescio Corporate Design
As with Nomen Nescio’s clothing the corporate design is unagitated and restrained. The corporate design is unified in one powerful core design tool, Nomen Nescio Pro Regular, applied in one style only — incorporating the logo, logotype, a character set supporting 104+ latin based language systems and the Nomen Nescio signature layout grid.

Visual Identity & Design: Stefan Gandl & Erno Forsström
Logo & Logotype, Icons Design, Type Design, Print Design, Design Standards Manual, Promo Videos: Stefan Gandl
Website Design: Erno Forsström
Website Development: Viiksimaisteri
Campaign & look-book images: Lina Jelanski represented by Duotone
Producer: Pasi Korström
Print Production: Gallery Print (hot foil stamping, debossing, …)
Typeface: Nomen Nescio Pro by Stefan Gandl (abcneu)

Year: 2021/11
Client: Nomen Nescio, Helsinki
Nomen Nescio