Postscript, NB-55MS™

Postscript, NB-55MS™

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In 2002 Neubau published NB-55MS™ Postscript Type Specimen, a commission presented at the exhibition ‘Postscript: zur Form von Schrift heute’, A/CH/D, Künstlerhaus Wien, Vienna. The project consisted of an exposition and successive publication which questioned the future of postscript typefaces. Thirty leading international type designers were invited to contribute a poster in the size of 70 × 100 cm.

Neubau’s contribution resembled the dry transferable lettering system sheets known from a design past, consisting of seventy original components designed and edited by the studio. The result – NB-55MS™ Postscript Specimen – manifests itself as an embedded, structuralist discourse on the future of postscript typefaces and poster design. Using these methods allows Neubau to scrutinise its own graphic design ideologies and develop a unique in-house graphic design research programme. Referencing and remixing the past positions Neubau at the forefront of designing for the present and declares the studio as a stakeholder in designing and building for the future.

Poster Size: 700 x 1000 mm
Printing: Silkscreen printing
Edition: limited edition (100)
Design: SG

Year: 2002/01