Adike Superstar 35

Adike Superstar 35

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In 2005 Richard Seabrooke asked Stefan to customise a pair of Adidas Superstar 35 (Special Berlin Edition) as part of an exclusive give away for Seabrook’s design festival in Dublin, Ireland. The customization was not executed due to other commitments and the box of sneakers was filed away in the process.
Seventeen years later the box was discovered again when the Neubau Studio Archive got re-organized in 2022.
So finally here they are: Mint condition Adike Superstar 35

Directed by Stefan Gandl
Concept/Idea: Stefan Gandl
Camera: Jarrik Muller/Stefan Gandl
Audio: Ambient studio sound may contain excerpts of SUUNS
Edited by Stefan Gandl
Typeface: NB Television™ Pro

An Original GG Schnitzel/JJ Spider Production
With thanks to Jarrik Muller (NL) for helping with the shoot
Special thanks to Viktor Gandl for criticism and advice

Unavailable on tv+
Neubau, Berlin MMXXII
All Rights Reserved

Year: 2022/06
NB Television™ Pro Edition