laborgras, Dance Collective

laborgras, Dance Collective


Visual Identity and communication design for laborgras — one of Germany’s most important contemporary dance collective founded and led by Renate Graziadei and Arthur Stäldi.

Within the period from 2004 — 2015 the collaboration between labogras and Neubau resulted in countless poster designs, flyers, image brochures, a dvd and a website. The 2015 design update incorporates a new and exclusive typeface — LG-Regular™— a customzied version of Neubau’s NB-National™ — used for all printed and online materials.

The overall design is based on primary design elements — a circle, a square and a triangle — representing the dance studios’ three main fields of exploration.

Typeface: LG Regular™ (a customized version of NB Akademie™)
Design & Artworks: SG

Year: 2015/07
Client: laborgras