Neubau Archive Showroom Berlin (NB ASR B)

Neubau Archive Showroom Berlin (NB ASR B)

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Neubau with permanent showroom and archive now at new location in Berlin Schöneberg.
In April 2023 the Neubau Archives moved to former art gallery Gosselck at Kyffhäuserstraße 10 in Schöneberg. The new space showcases diverse installations from the Neubau archives as well as previously unseen projects.

Now on display until 30th of June 2023: Braun, systems (revisited) an exhibition at Walter Knoll Showroom London from 2013, originally currated by das programm in association with Braun.

Visits by appointment only.
Neubau products remain exclusively available for order online via our NBL store.

The Making of A Modern Still Life
Poster & Motion Design: S. Gandl, 2013
Installation/Concept: S. Gandl, 2023

Neubau, Berlin MMXXIII
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Project References
Braun, B121 Series
Braun, Less but Braun Series
Braun, Less but Bigger Series

Year: 2023/05
Neubau Braun 121 Set