NB Akademie™ (OTF Std/Pro)

NB Akademie™ (OTF Std/Pro)


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After the successful release of Neubau’s popular NB International™ Pro in 2014, here is its conceptual successor: NB Akademie™ Std/Pro

NB Akademie™ is a contemporary grotesque type system designed by Stefan Gandl comprising of 20 styles: Light, Light-Italic, Mono Light, Mono Light-Italic, Regular, Italic, Mono, Mono-Italic, Medium, Medium-Italic, Mono Medium, Mono Medium-Italic, Bold, Bold-Italic, Mono Bold, Mono Bold-Italic, Black, Black-Italic, Mono Black, Mono Black-Italic.

The typeface’s influences and naming go way back to legendary German type designer Ferdinand Theinhardt and his revolutionary typeset ‘Royal Grotesk’ (1880) designed for the publications of the “Königlich-Preußischen Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Berlin”. After selling his own type foundry ‘Ferd. Theinhardt Schriftgiesserei Berlin’ Theinhardt’s ‘Royal Grotesk’ later became internationally known and successful as Berthold’s Akzidenz Grotesk (1896) — the godmother of all modern grotesque typefaces.

NB Akademie™ will be available as OpenType Std format and as OpenType Pro Edition supporting 102+ latin based languages.
 The typeset will be exclusively available for print, web and app-use with special licenses for ebook- and OEM-embedding as well as (Small Business) Broadcast licenses via NBL starting on 31st of October 2016.

Designer: SG
Producer/Vendor: Neubau, NBL
Year: 2016

NB International™
NB National™
NB Grotesk™

Year: 2016/05
NB-Akademie-Flag-Light-900 NB_Akademie_ReleaseDate_Ziffern NB_Akademie_Bold_Ziffern NB_Akademie_ETypes-W900 NB-Akademie-Reference-Set NB-Akademie-Flag-Aa! NB-AKA-SPEC_BROCHURE_A4_E_COVER_161102-1 NB_Akademie_ETypes-B900 NeubauAkademie-1000 NBAkademie NBL_AKA_SLIDE_A NB_Akademie_Brochure_R NB-Akademie-Flag-Black-900 NB-AKA-LANG-SUPP NB-Akademie-Flag-Regular-900 NB_AKA_1000x1000 NB-AKA-SPEC-COVER NB_AKA_D3 NB-Akademie-Flag-Medium-900 NBL_AKA_SET NB_AKA_D2 NB-Akademie-Flag-Bold-900 NB-Akademie-Flags-900