NB National™ (OTF Std/Pro)

NB National™ (OTF Std/Pro)


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NB National™ is a constructed sans-serife type system designed by Stefan Gandl comprising of 9 styles: Light, Light-Italic, Regular, Italic, Mono, Medium, Medium-Italic, Bold, Bold-Italic.

Taking a strong influence in form from NB International™ — it’s international counterpart — NB National™ is a more distinctive and refined follower inspired by the studio homegrown Berlin influences. Paying tribute to late 19th century grotesques NB-National™ is also defined by a space-saving characteristic when applied in layouts.

While NB National™ remains exclusively available to the Neubau studio and its commissioned corporate design-projects, an entirely reworked and extended version (including 20 typefaces) is internationally available as NB Akademie™ via NBL since 2016.

Designer: SG
Year: 2015

NB Akademie™

Year: 2015/07